Computer Upgrades: Memory, Hard Drive, Video, Sound and DVD.

Over the course of time, new software and technology become available that you need. We can make sure everything will run great for you as your needs change.

Memory Installation

Additional memory/RAM is often the top solution to making a computer more responsive to your commands. We can analyze what your system has and what it is capable of and provide options for you that will make a difference.

DVD/CD Installation

Whether you want to make music CD’s or create home videos to watch on your TV or watch Blu-ray movies on your computer, we can help make that possible.

Hard Drive Installation/Transfer Files

Do you need additional storage space for your files? Looking for ways to make your system perform faster. A new hard drive can make a difference for you. We can transfer files from your old computer or old hard drive to your new one.

Video/TV Tuner Installation

Do high definition videos not play well on your screen? Or would you like to watch and record live television shows on your computer? We can assess your system and set you up with the right solution.